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Peach, Iced Tea Concentrate, 750ml, Makes 2 Gallons, Pure Ceylon Tea by Heladiv

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  • Makes 2 Gallons of Peach iced tea.
  • 100% Pure Ceylon Tea
  • Just add water or soda
  • Ideal for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and specialty tea houses.

It’s difficult to match Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate for value, flavor and ease of use. Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate is brewed from 100% Pure Ceylon tea while carefully ensuring that the natural taste and properties of tea are retained. That's what defines Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate from all the similar products in the market. We are the first Pure Ceylon tea manufacturer in Sri Lanka to develop an iced tea product. That means we've had 30 years to perfect this recipe.

You can choose from 6 breathtaking flavors: peach, lemon, green apple, strawberry and green tea.

It's so easy to make: just add 1 part of Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate to 6-10 parts of mineral water or soda water and you are done! It's so easy that you can have restaurant quality iced tea at home whenever you want to. No more brewing large batches of tea; no more hassle.

Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate is perfect for any demanding hospitality or food service operation whether it's a restaurant, cafe or a specialty tea shop. Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate has a long shelf life and can be stored in a non-refrigerated environment until after opening.

One 750ml bottle of Heladiv Iced Tea Concentrate makes 2 gallons of the freshest iced tea.